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Spiritual Growth Center

Are you or someone that you know addicted to drugs, drinking, smoking, having family problems, or having other serious struggles? Jesus saves! He delivers, and He heals!

The Victory Gospel Spiritual Growth Center is a ministry of Victory Gospel Chapel. It's an extension of God's mercy that was established to help those who are lost in darkness such as drug abuse, alcoholism, and other serious problems. The purpose of the ministry is to help those people first discover the love of Jesus Christ, and then build new lives through that love.The SGC helps men and women from all walks of life restructure their lives so they can achieve success.

Our ministry offers:

  • Prayer three times daily

  • Daily classes

  • Group Sessions and Drug Group Sessions

  • Biblical Counseling

If you or someone you know needs helps, please contact us at any time. We care about souls, and we've been here to help men and women from all walks of life find Jesus Christ and the change that only He can bring.

Need Help call Now
(210) 212- 6545
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