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Bishop Banks

 Bishop Donny Banks is a pastor, a leader, a father, and an outstanding man of God who was called by the Lord to establish Victory Gospel Chapel in San Antonio, Texas. After he received Salvation twenty-seven years ago, he began training in ministry because he knew that the Lord placed a special anointing on his life to preach the Gospel.

In 1992, Bishop opened Victory Gospel Chapel and has served the congregation faithfully for over twenty-two years. He is a dedicated pastor, and his preaching style is energetic and often-humorous but always packed with power from the very Word of God.

One year after the Church opened, Bishop Banks began a weekly radio broadcast on Saturday mornings on AM 1480. This broadcast is ongoing even after twenty years and has helped reach many in the San Antonio area.

Because Bishop Banks has a passion for the Word of God, he is a dedicated scholar. He received his theological training from the Institute for Teaching God's Word Theological Seminary, Rockdale, Texas. He holds a doctorate in Theology and is a graduate of Sonship School of the Firstborn.

Bishop also founded Victory Gospel Covenant International, an outfit of churches that have been birthed under his leadership to further the Gospel, and in 1999, he received his Bishopric from Christian House of Prayer under Apostle Nathaniel Holcomb, his father in the faith and headship.

He is also an accomplished author, having penned his most recent book Your Harvest is in Your Seed in 2013 as well as co-authoring several books along with his wife of twenty-two years, Prophetess Jackie Banks.

Receiving his Bishopric in 1999.

All of Bishop Banks' efforts—whether in word or in act—are motivated by his calling to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the highways and byways.

He is father to two adult sons and an adult daughter and is married to his wife, Jackie Banks.

Prophetess Jackie Banks

Prophetess Jackie Banks is a Woman of God with integrity, principle, and purpose. She was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She received her ordination from Christian House of Prayer, under the auspices of Bishop Nathaniel and Pastor Valerie Holcomb, where she and her husband receive their spiritual guidance and leadership. She has worked with many women from all walks of life. She teaches, through word and through actions how to love the Lord Jesus!

She is married to Bishop Donny Banks, the Pastor of Victory Gospel Chapel, a church that God birthed through them.

After a life of drug addiction and crime for almost 20 years, she was not only saved and delivered, she also received a special anointing to win souls and share God's love with all people. She and her husband began a ministry called Victory Gospel Spiritual Growth Center in 1992. It is an extension of God's mercy, where they house, clothe, and feed men and women who were broken and bruised due to alcoholism, drug addiction, and crime, and help them rebuild their lives spiritually, physically, financially, and socially.

Everything she does is for the honor and glory of God. She is a mother of nations and her message is clear, "Win Souls, Live Holy, Go to the enemies camp and take back what the devil stole and build the Kingdom of God."

"Mean what you say, and say what you mean!"
Momma Jackie

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© 2018  Victory Gospel chapel
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